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Sanitation Services

disinfection services

Disinfecting Spray

We offer specialized indoor disinfection services, ideal for high-traffic locations, which can often be completed in a single day. The combination of our EPA-registered disinfectants and other cleaning products, plus our detailed cleaning protocols can treat a room or space against a wide spectrum of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

A disinfectant is an agent that kills or inhibits pathogenic organisms. We have a variety of EPA-registered disinfectant solutions and other cleaning products that can be used based on the needs of your specific application.

Mold Prevention

When your property is showing signs of visible mold, or your tenants are concerned about indoor air quality issues, it is very important to address this issue promptly and responsibly.

Our mold remediation services are designed to discover the source of the mold and eliminate it. Mold commonly hides inside walls and relies on moisture to grow and colonize. Sometimes, you can see it on walls or ceilings, but often it grows undetected.

Studies show potential links between mold and symptoms such as chronic coughs, watery eyes, rashes, headaches, and respiratory conditions. The existence of mold can reduce property values and disrupt estate transactions.


If you suspect there is mold in your home, we can help.

Odor Elimination

We offer comprehensive odor removal solutions that are not harmful to the environment. Our odor eliminating products are:


All products are free of harsh chemicals and are safe for use around people and pets when used as directed.


You’ll love how fresh and clean your home smells after Green Home Solutions is done.


Our products don’t mask odors. Instead, they penetrate right to the source of the odor and destroy it at the molecular level.


You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to rid your home of unpleasant odors.


In about four (4) hours, the treated areas are ready for normal use!

Eliminate odors in your home today with our odor removal services.